WooCommerce Canadian Taxes 2013

In follow up to OpenCart Canadian Taxes 2012-2013 I have also needed to setup Canadian taxes for the WordPress eCommerce plugin WooCommerce 1.x (1.4-1.6) and 2.x (2.0). I’ve attached the screenshots of the configuration for 2013 Canadian Sales Tax. It has been asked of me to upload a WooCommerce 2.x CSV Export. You can Import the file into WooCommerce Tax tab when you click into a Tax Rate. I suggest using Standard for a default Canadian setup. You can download the csv here.  

JavaScript Semi-Colons

I was reading this which is an article on forced coding standards in industry and how having a little smart code freedom can result in better code. The author references JavaScript Semi-Colons. I suggest reading up on Automatic Semicolon Insertion if the javascript language interests you, the author goes over the way JavaScript is parsed. Even if you use semicolons at the end of every statement, some constructs parse in non-obvious ways. Regardless of your preferences in semicolon usage, you must know the rules to write JavaScript professionally. If you remember a few simple rules, all of which are explained here, … Read More

OpenCart Canadian Taxes 2012-2013

Configuring taxes for Canada in OpenCart can be a little tricky with GST/HST and PST being different across provinces. I found some resources which helped me configure Tax Classes, Tax Rates and Geo Zones in OpenCart v1.5.4.1. The screenshots and percentages found on forums dated back to 2010, and since then tax rates have increased/changed and the way OpenCart handles Geo Zones and Taxes also changed. I took screenshots of my setup to help anyone else who needs to configure their OpenCart store for Canadian Taxes. *Note: Since screenshots, I have changed the PEI PST the effective rate of 10.5%, … Read More

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